Health cockpit

All the data at a glance

All of an employee’s health data - from check-up results to the health plan - are stored securely in the web-based health cockpit. Background information and all explanations concerning health help employees better organize their check-up data and progress. All data is stored under a special, anonymised no-ID code that serves as a log-in for each employee rather than under the person’s actual name. The cockpit also serves as a communication platform for employees, coaches and company doctors, and can be used to make medical appointments.


The health cockpit uses gamification and e-learning modules to present healthcare in a playful way and sustainably motivates employees to a healthy lifestyle. The native app makes all functions available to employees, even on the go – anytime, anywhere.


100 %

of the participants in the pilot programme used the health cockpit

Your benefits

Data privacy

Encrypted storage, so employees decide for themselves about disclosure of data.


Intuitive operation is easy to explain.


All the data in one place - this simplifies coordination of appointments and data-sharing.

Occupational health management business solution