Innovative solutions for a modern citizens’ service

Public institutions are in a state of radical change. Demographic change, a shortage of skilled employees, budget consolidation, technological change, and the modernization of public administration processes are just a few of the challenges they are currently facing. Public administration also has to be made more people-friendly and service-oriented.

Yet how can federal and state governments, cities and communities reach these goals while also meeting the increasing demands of its citizens and the economy? The answer lies in modernizing public administration using modern control models and e-government.


Approx. 2,700 employees throughout Europe

Many years of experience in the support of public partners

Europe-wide projects for public sector clients, also in sensitive areas (e.g. emergency call handling)

Citizen and administration services

  • Dealing with citizen queries via telephone, letter, email, fax or face to face
  • Inclusion / moderation of social media channels
  • Design and implementation of citizen participation processes
  • Preliminary processing
  • Printing and shipping
  • Paperless administration
  • Document and contract management
  • Scanning and further digitization services
  • Process consultancy

Reference: State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia

Case Study

State chancellery of the Premier of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is based in Düsseldorf. Policymaking for around 18 million local residents through currently 12 state ministries. Since 2000: Demonstration of the high priority placed on citizen dialog by setting up a dedicated sercive center through the state chancellery.

Our solution

  • Content-related service hotlines and email handling for over 20 project partners from various departments
  • Technical support for state government online platforms
  • Dispatch of general information regarding various state government issues to citizens
  • Internal services and preparation of papers for the department of state
  • Designing the technical and operational aspects of a brochure service
  • Organizing the processing of topics with high volume
  • High level of solution scalability, including specifically challenging issues

Benefits for our customers

  • Utilizing the state government’s citizen and service center as a shared service center – information about all projects by all state departments and the state chancellery
  • 15 highly-qualified citizen advisors working for the state government
  • Monthly volume of queries through all media: approx. 20,000 calls, approx. 1,500 emails, approx. 350 faxes and letters and approx. 120,000 orders for brochures and brochure downloads via the brochure service
  • Eighty percent of all incoming contacts are dealt with to conclusion at first contact
  • Management of currently more than 50 projects through the shared service center, including 2nd level D115 for NRW