Solutions for the effective management of prevention and sustainable care

In the healthcare market, companies can achieve clear competitive advantages with efficient processes, qualified dialog and outsourcing. However, the various markets in the healthcare industry have their own particular rules and regulations. It is good to know that with us, you have a partner at your side that understands exactly what you need.

We support our customers by providing them with innovative solutions, qualified personnel and integrated communication channels in order to reach and link up healthcare professionals, patients and potential healthcare customers, and improve long-term healthcare provision.


Approx. 100 employees

ISO-9001 certified; EN-15838 certified

Trust center for secure patient and insured data storage


  • Customer experience center (clinical support, medical service center, commercial sales support)
  • Patient relationship management programs (adherence programs and medication management)
  • Integrated supply management (analytical, prediction and intervention services)
  • Services for health insurance companies (bonus programs, patient security, appointment service, etc.)
  • Workplace healthcare promotion (check-up, coaching, health cockpit)

Reference: BIG

Case Study

A worldwide leading pharmaceuticals manufacturer. Medical scientific support for over 150 different drugs for over 10 indications.

Our solution

  • 1st level medical information support through highly-qualified specialized personnel
  • Ensuring a high service level at a consistently high quality
  • Quality assurance through pharmacists and doctors
  • Closed shop and secured access to the customer network
  • Certified processes and standardized workflows
  • A clear business continuity plan for peak and/or crisis situations

Benefits for our customers

  • As the central point of contact, Arvato answers around 80 percent of queries directly and/or forwards these to the customer’s qualified specialist departments
  • Cost reduction due to reduced workload in own specialist departments
  • Risk management and crisis prevention thanks to scalable structures
  • Quality assurance as well as differentiated monitoring tools provide maximum transparency and security at any time
  • Compliance with regulatory and legal specifications through a certified partner with a healthcare focus