Effective solutions for the entire value creation chain in the energy sector

The deregulation of the electricity and gas markets and the associated legal changes present energy supply companies with new challenges. An experienced partner is essential to enable you to use these changes as an opportunity and to concentrate on your core skills.

Our experience in the energy market, in combination with knowledge gained through working with other formerly regulated markets, makes us a highly competent partner. We offer effective customer communication solutions; our services support the energy supplier's entire value chain.


Many years of experience in the energy market

Employees with energy industry expertise available throughout Germany

Decades of experience in fully integrated services

Service packages

  • Omni-channel communication center
  • Customer solutions
  • Information hotlines
  • Network & facility fault management
  • Equipment technology
  • Event assistance
  • System landscapes

Case Study

A high level of technical qualification is the prerequisite for our success as a communication specialist in the energy market. Clear and well-designed structures are required in order to be able to provide consistent and reliable expert information and communication.

Our solution

For your sales & retail activities

  • Customer support
  • Contract processing
  • Consumption billing
  • Sales support
  • Supplier switching processes
  • Claims management
  • Campaign support

For your network

  • Fault management
  • Legally approved registration office
  • Remote facility monitoring
  • Supply media authority


Benefits for our customers

  • Optimization of the company structure
  • 24/7 availability
  • Provision of high-quality services on the SAP IS-U system and other IT systems for dealing with all issues and provision of designated service center employees
  • Successful customer service process introduction in accordance with regulatory authority (e.g. EnWG and GPKE, GeLi Gas, GVV) requirements
  • Customer support during campaigns and during the implementation of regulatory authority requirements (e.g. unbundling) leading to massive volume increases
  • Experts for technical emergencies
  • Security in your unmanned facilities through our 24/7 monitoring