An all-round service for the automotive sector

Cars have always been investment goods. Customers become highly emotionally involved; they therefore require particular support before, during and after their purchase: from initial contact establishment to management of service contracts, from the technical support hotline to complaints management.

Today’s cars go beyond this: they are networked with their environment, the traffic infrastructure and the internet – which creates new challenges when it comes to providing excellent customer services that include digital expertise as well as sound automotive industry experience. At the same time, new on-demand and car-sharing concepts are changing the market.

Arvato develops smart, innovative and cost-transparent solutions in the automotive area for you based on existing platforms. Our infrastructure ensures a high degree of scalability. Networked services – one of Arvato’s core skills – guarantee maximum professionalism and quality.


Around 200 employees throughout Europe

Extensive experience in the areas of marketing, logistics, customer satisfaction, customer care, active sales and customer loyalty


  • Active sales support
  • Marketing of service and maintenance contracts
  • Customer communication process
  • Social media services
  • Web/video chat
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Dealer satisfaction survey
  • Complaints management
  • After sales service hotline
  • Automotive technical support and accounts hotline
  • Service and maintenance contract management
  • Digital systems networking
  • End-to-end process design
  • Telemetry

Case Study

International car manufacturer. One of the top foreign importers in the German market.

Our solution

  • Pan-European service center solution for a total of 10 markets in 6 languages
  • Multi-channel customer support via telephone, email, fax, letter, web chat and social media
  • Development of standard customer support service into a service capable of dealing with complex technical issues
  • Goodwill processing through automated back office processes
  • Complaints management (1st and 2nd level)
  • Support of marketing activities through campaign management
  • Lead generation through inbound calls

Benefits for our customers

  • Cooperative development of a primarily technical knowledge database accessible to all employees at all locations
  • Improved productivity through process standardization and correspondingly shorter dialog times
  • Development of a practical solution oriented goodwill process for dealers
  • Development of a team dedicated to queries related to electric vehicles
  • Enhanced customer experience through the use of innovative solutions and service center employees who are brand ambassadors