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We build on technology to create a differentiated experience for your customers and greater trust for you. We work towards this goal by drawing on profound experience, know-how across the customer journey and a global approach. We take a long-term perspective, so we are your partner for the duration. But most important for your success are our 45,000 employees, who apply technology, draw on experience, and add value. As creative problem solvers, they make sure that customers are satisfied at more than 100 sites in 27 countries and in 35 languages.

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Our solution portfolio is centered on the desire to offer your customers a differentiated experience and to extend service delivery for your company at anytime, through every channel and in the manner your customers expect of your brand. To do so, we rely on technology and anticipate  your future.

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Businesses in many different industries rely on our integrated solution portfolio and our long-standing experience across the customer journey. Our clients range from telecommunications firms and healthcare companies to energy suppliers, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce retailers and airlines. The expertise we have gained by serving a broad range of industries enables us to understand the specific requirements of your business in detail.

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We are a global enterprise and we meet your demands for a joined-up solution across countries. We are adept at embracing your cultural nuances, whatever they are. Our international service-center network is there for you, with over 100 locations in 27 countries and 35 service languages.


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The most important factor for our success are our employees who contribute their experience and personalities. Arvato CRM Solutions offers you a wide range of career prospects, interesting responsibilities and a motivating work environment.


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Trends, ideas and technologies in customer relationship management – tracked and vividly explained on the new information portal of Arvato CRM Solutions.

Trends in Customer Services


Successful customer service: Combining People and Technology

Today, customer dialog is an important success factor for companies. And technological developments are leading to new opportunities and challenges in this area, knows Oliver Carlsen, CEO of Arvato CRM Solutions Germany. What are the relevant trends for the future of customer dialogue? What opportunities does digitization open up? And what are the biggest challenges?


Seeing Eye to Eye with AI

Artificial intelligence systems such as IBM Watson understand language, are capable of learning and are becoming more and more efficient. Yet, until now, these systems were literally blind as they were not able to interpret dynamic visual events. This is now set to change: A research team at MIT is currently working on opening the eyes of artificial intelligence. 


Trends and Digitization in CRM 2018: There Is Still a Lot to Be Done

The focus for businesses all around the world is on optimizing customer experience. But to what extent do they use the opportunities offered by digitization – and in what areas? How do especially successful businesses distinguish themselves from the competition? 


From Zero to Service in Two Hours: Live Programming of a Chatbot

Have you ever compared car insurance rates? It is quite an effort... That is why Arvato CRM Solutions has now developed a digital solution for comparing and applying for insurance. This means that comparing rates and switching insurance providers can be done via any terminal device with just a few clicks.


Changes in the world of work: Digitization Is Creating New Jobs

Is digitization a curse or a blessing for the world of work – or do neither of these two extremes hit the mark? The topic is discussed with a great deal of controversy, but a current study shows that concerns have frequently played an outsized and largely unjustified role in the discussion. 


Change at the touch of a button: Compare and apply for insurance digitally

Have you ever compared car insurance rates? It is quite an effort... That is why Arvato CRM Solutions has now developed a digital solution for comparing and applying for insurance. This means that comparing rates and switching insurance providers can be done via any terminal device with just a few clicks.


Bank customers’ digital customer journey

Nine out of ten bank customers find out about new financial products online, while one in three contracts is concluded entirely digitally – but having real conversations with financial advisors is by no means a thing of the past. Find out how financial institutions can seamlessly combine digital and personal services.


Presenting Recent Books: Customer Experience in the Age of the Customer

Today, most products are easily replaceable. One of the results for businesses is that the customer experience and therefore also customer service are gaining in importance as key differentiators and thus for success. 


Digitizing the tourism industry: Where is the (customer) journey headed?

A few years ago, flicking through thick travel catalogues sparked our wanderlust. Today, one in four vacationers get inspiration for their next trip from the internet. What does that mean for the customer journey in the tourism industry? What opportunities does digitization open up for providers? 


Chatbot for Maserati China: Artificial intelligence complements customer consultants

One effect of digitalization is a reduction in development and operational costs for applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) such as chatbots.Thus, those applications are becoming interesting for more and more companies and can open up another dimension for customer service. In the ideal case man and machine work together side by side. 


Presenting Recent Books: Smart City

By 2030, almost 80 percent of Germans will be living in cities. For public administration this is a challenge as well as an opportunity to use digitization to improve humans’ lives, protect the environment, improve public safety and provide fair access to information. This is clearly highlighted by the current book “Smart City”. 


e-Commerce Company Amazon Is Entering the Insurance Market

For some time Amazon has been looking in industry networks for insurance experts who would like to participate in starting a new company. Does this mean that another market revolution – or even a disruption - is looming? Will the online shop soon make recommendations like: “Customers who took out our household insurance are also interested in motor and travel insurances”?


Voice assistants in customer dialog: Service on Demand

Voice assistants are becoming part of our everyday lives. They’re easy to use and can keep up with human speech recognition by now. This opens up many new opportunities for customer dialog. One advantage: The digital assistant knows the customer’s personal data and can take it into account during the inquiry. 


The customer service of tomorrow in the financial sector

The successful formula underlying the cominvest platform can be summarized as follows: innovative use of modern technology in conjunction with individually tailored services. Learn more about how comdirect bank is bringing the customer journey into line with the needs of consumers and shaping the customer dialogue of tomorrow in the interview “The customer service of tomorrow in the financial sector” with Henning Ratjen of comdirect.


Analytics in the tourism industry: harnessing customer insights

Many tourism companies don’t know much about their customers‘ preferences and needs, although this data is decisive for a targeted customer relationship marketing and customer loyalty. The information derived from the data can be used to generate so called next best actions – recommendations for actions which help the customer service representative to make specific offers.


Chatbots in Digital Customer Communication: Why? Wherefore? And how?

Chatbots can be an enormous asset for businesses. But their integration into customer communications is not so simple. Experts therefore recommend to use large platforms like Facebook, Google or Apple to implement individually developed chatbots.


The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence: AI – New Jobs and Major Turnover Growth

Artificial intelligence changes customer relationship management and other company activities. What economic consequences does this have? What impact will the new technology have on companies and their employees? 


Robotic Process Automation in Customer Management: Magic with a Lot of Added Value

Can robotic process automation (RPA) optimize and speed up processes in customer management? The services provided by Arvato for a large software and hardware manufacturer provide a good answer: RPA analyzes customer inquiries based on small amounts of data and assigns them to the proper contact person. This way, the globally operating soft- and hardware developer saves a six-figure amount in costs every year. 


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